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In this article we are going to talk about ourselves, because we love that every day you discover more about our origin and above all our vision and objective, which we seek to pursue every day with you as a user.

We know that well-being is a basic need of life, for this reason Lavanda Zen Massage was born. In order to contribute my grain of sand to relieve pathology, pain, give relaxation and tranquility and above all something very present in the vast majority of populations, relieve stress.

Our denomination was born because Lavender is one of my favorite colors and represents calm and serenity, this without a doubt is linked to my values and what we seek to transmit with our hands and techniques to our users. I knew that it is a very old medicinal plant that has a diversity of benefits. Lavender seduces you with its aroma and is ideal for calming and relaxing. In addition to cleaning the body-mind, it regenerates cells, is sedative for the nervous system, antiseptic, reduces muscle tension, is an antidepressant, etc. It undoubtedly has an infinite number of benefits and that is what we seek to achieve with you, alleviate the greatest number of pathologies and your symptoms.

The name Zen is based on the search for enlightenment through techniques that avoid eventual schemes. The idea that I want to convey with this word is to have a Zen attitude and transmit it.

Our Lavender team is located on the island of Lanzarote and we offer all our Lanzarote Masseur services throughout the island. We move through any population to cover your needs and never leave unattended a need as basic as taking care of your health.

Our main purpose is to distribute all our services not only to clients who are on our island, but also to those who are passing through, whether for business or pleasure. Without leaving your hotel or home and make your free time a single moment of disconnection and total relaxation. This is how our Lanzarote Masseur services are, unique and incomparable.

For all those who like to get out of their environment and seek external relaxation, we also have our own space where you can enjoy a unique experience.

Here is a list where you can see the services we offer:

Sports massage Lanzarote
Ayurvedic massage Lanzarote
Hot stone massage Lanzarote
Deep tissue massage Lanzarote
Traditional Thai massage Lanzarote
Private yoga class and small groups outdoors.


To discover more about us and to be able to contact us click here and visit us.

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