Private Yoga classes in Lanzarote

Private Yoga classes have the advantage that they are exclusively designed for the person in front of you. They offer a very close and totally personalized accompaniment.

They are enriching practices of Yoga in all its aspects: postures, breathing, meditation, philosophy applied to daily life.
Yoga practice can be practiced by anyone, of any age and situation, for any purpose.

Private yoga classes in a small group make attention more conscious and intense.

They are personalized practices that take into account the needs of the individual, moment of life and to be able to determine the purposes and thus design an adequate practice for their purposes.
It is evaluated: time: duration and time of day to practice); place (environment where one lives and factors such as climate and social and cultural environment); age (in terms of chronology and situation); occupation (the nature of the job and associated characteristics); strength (physical and mental-focus). We do not all have the same needs or capacities, nor do our daily activities require the same skills or leave us with the same “side effects”, nor are we the same every day, things happen to us along the way.
The motivations to practice Yoga can be very varied – from something on the physical plane to something on the spiritual plane and a thousand nuances in between – specifically, a private class or small group is the best option.

With these classes you “learn” resources and tools to apply in your life and transform habits and patterns into more positive ones.
Constancy is key to being able to maintain these new patterns in both body and mind.

Changes are continually reviewed and thus able to adapt new yoga sequences to continue growing at the level of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Some motivations:
Would you like to change something about yourself, habits, etc.?
Do you have any specific pain?
Any part of the body that you need to develop more mobility, gain strength and/or elasticity?
Counteract and manage stress, tension, anxiety…
Do you have a goal and don’t know how to get there?
Lack of balance, concentration.
Insomnia or interrupted sleep.
Bad breathing habits.
Compulsive, addictive attitudes.
… or if you are simply looking for well-being, balance, connection.

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